Light Fixture Updates

FINALLY. I have light fixtures in my dining room and entry way that don’t make me want to vomit when I see them. That’s just how repulsive the old ones were.

The light fixture in the dining room was an old fashioned brass that had changed color with age that no longer had the glass globes on it. Who knows what happened to them, but when we purchased the house, they were not included in our purchase.

We have a friend who was sweet enough to get us a light fixture as a house warming gift and we couldn’t be more thankful. Light fixtures are expensive and we wanted ones that looked good….aka the ones that were upwards of $200. We used their thoughtful gift in the dining room and boy, what a difference it made.

Before (photo taken before we had furniture)

photo 5

This is the previous light fixture. The chain was way too short and it was just ugly and outdated.




Another light fixture that was an eye sore was the one in our entry way. We have 12 ft. ceilings and this light fixture needed to be something dramatic to fill such a big space. Instead we had a single pendant light that looked like an alien orb.


FullSizeRender IMG_5970 IMG_5966


                           FullSizeRender-4 IMG_5995

My favorite thing about the entry way light is how much it cost me. We initially looked at one that cost $250 and decided to save for a few months and then purchase it. Well while at Home Depot, I started talking to one of the employees in the lighting section and he mentioned he had just put some on clearance. I hear the “C” word and I’m gone. Andrew could hardly keep up with me. I found this beauty for $58. It was originally priced at $283 and was made by Harbor Breeze, which is a great brand. It’s one draw back? It was HIDEOUS! It was the same ugly bronze we were getting rid of but I knew with a little paint it would be perfect. We purchased it and two cans of bronze spray paint and Ta-Da!

I used about 15 coats on this sucker because of all its nooks and crannies. I suggest buying a gun attachment for the spray paint can if you use it much…best $2.99 ever.

Project Costs:

Dining Room Light- gift

Entry Way Light- $61.48

Spray Paint: $8.44 ($3.99 for each plus tax)

Spray Paint gun attachment: $2.99

Total: $72.91

Under $100 for two gorgeous light fixtures and two room updates? I’ll take it!


What have you used spray paint to give a facelift to?