Homemade Headboards

Ok, so I haven’t updated the blog in awhile because school has now started, and basically, I’m barely treading water. We got a new curriculum this year, so I’m having to completely revamp lesson plans and study before teaching each day. I also started working on my Masters Degree in Administration, so I’ve got a lot going on.

This post is about the updates I have made to two of the bedrooms.

I’ll start with making the headboards…which was an adventure.

Andrew and I have a very nice size master bedroom. There is plenty of room for all of our furniture and our king size bed. We had painted it a beautiful blue color and I really liked it. There was just one problem: a window. There was a window on the only wall that we could place our bed. The window was in the middle of the wall but since our bed is so large, our bed could not be placed in the center because it blocked the door to the bathroom. Not only did the window not being in the center of the bed make the room look off-set, it always was really bright when we were trying to sleep and birds chirped outside it, and it just did not make a good sleeping situation. The furniture set that Andrew and I got from my grandparents came with a queen size bed, so we couldn’t use the headboard that matched the set, so we had nothing. It looked ok, but I wanted this room to have a “wow” factor.

Before: the window let in a ton of light and made the bed look crooked.

Here is the room before. As you can see, the window let in a ton of light and made the bed look crooked.

I had always said I was going to make a headboard for the room, but the project seemed overwhelming, so I kept putting it off. Finally, I had had enough with the light and the birds and decided to do it! We measured and decided we needed a very large piece of plywood to make the board, so we went to Lowe’s and had them cut it into two manageable pieces. We connected the two to make our “headboard”

We then went to Jo Ann Fabric to get the matting and material. Sadly because the headboard was going to be so wide, and tall, we had to get two separate pieces of fabric, which is where our trouble began. (PS: If you are a teacher, they have an awesome program for rewards that gets your extra coupons and such). Our fabric was on sale and I was able to stack multiple coupons to get everything we needed…I ended up saving more than $100!!

After we got to two pieces of plywood put together, it was time to cover it with the matting. Basically for this project, you need 3 essential tools: scissors, a staple gun, and LOTS of staples.

2014-09-07 16.19.242014-09-06 14.29.052014-09-07 16.08.002014-09-06 14.35.51

What is super important to know about this process is to pull the matting super tight and to cut the corners so that they are not bunched up because the fabric will not lay properly on the corners.

The next part is where it got tricky for us. Since we had to have two separate sheets of fabric, we had to find a way to put them together in a way that didn’t scream “we had to use two pieces of fabric.” We decided to do a pleat. We stapled one layer down, and folded our first pleat. After it was folded, we used fabric nails to put into place. We used a laser level and a marker to ensure that the nails were being placed in a straight line and every 4 inches. We made a pleat in the center and one on each side.

2014-09-06 15.57.39   d05ef504b9cf4f31b675e4214e361350.jpg    2014-09-06 19.38.01

Next up, we had to mount this bad boy, which was pretty challenging.This thing was HUGE!!! We used a mount that was called Hangman. It was pretty simple to use, however it called for a lot of measuring….good thing I’m a math teacher.

2014-09-07 16.40.32

And here you have it, the headboard of my dreams!!!!! I really like the way this changed the room and covered that silly window!

2014-09-06 22.59.04 The next project was painting the third bedroom, which we called “the daylight room” because it was always SUPER bright in there.  The yellow in there was so bright, it was hard to concentrate…so it was painted my very favorite neutral color.

eec5b75243a34a9d981a666830ad838b.jpgI also made the headboard for this room with leftover wood from the king size headboard. I followed the same process as above, except this time, there was no pleat needed, so it took a total of 15 minutes to finish.

2014-09-07 16.18.222014-09-07 16.18.18 2014-09-07 16.53.372014-09-07 16.53.57

These projects were a long time coming and honestly made such an impact!! I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out!

Total Cost:

Wood:                       $50

King Fabric/Matting: $80

Twin Fabric/Matting: $20

Wall Mounts:             $21


Total                        $ 171 to make 2 headboards!!!!