Simple Hardware Update

I have been trying to do little projects all over the house that help update the look of the house as a whole. These projects are usually deemed unimportant because more times than naught, they don’t make a large impact in a room.

Our rec room has some awesome built-ins that offers tons of storage and display spots. These things are honestly great….they currently hold odds and ends but I know as the years go on and Andrew and I start a family, these will be filled with toys, movies, books and memorabilia.

My only stipulation with these build-ins…I’m not crazy about the coloring of the wood or the gold handles…just not my taste.

To make these built-ins look a little more comfortable and less “fancy” I decided to change the handles since I obviously wasn’t able to/didn’t want to change the coloring of the wood as a whole. Since there are 5 sets of doors, I needed to purchase something that was not too expensive.

I chose a nice brushed bronze handle that was plain enough to match the style of the room, but drastically different enough to give the cabinets a brand new look. I bought them at Lowe’s and paid $2.07 for each one (which was one of the least expensive of my choices).

The cabinets now look a little more homey and match the theme of our home a little better.