An Old Rug gives a New Look

After we did our floor update last year, our living room was a big room full of cold hardwood. Don’t get me wrong, the hardwood was W-A-Y better than the gross carpet it replaced, but it just needed something….a rug.

I knew I wanted to put a rug in our living room to cozy the place up, but I didn’t want to purchase one because I knew we would be replacing the living room furniture within in the next few years. Who wants to spend big money on a rug that may or may not match the future furniture?

So, the room remained bare.


Last week, I was moving some stuff around and cleaning in the basement and I tripped over this rug we had been given. When we originally got it, it was in need of a good cleaning and some small repair work, but I wasn’t up for it at the time and we just put it downstairs and forgot about it. But as I looked at it that day I realized, IT WOULD MATCH MY LIVING ROOM FURNITURE PERFECTLY!


We measured the rug and went to Lowe’s to purchase a rug pad to help with the sliding. Sadly, there were only 2 options at Lowe’s and both of them were over $25. I opted for the more expensive of the two because it seemed like it would keep the rug in place better. It cost $29.99 (for something that you put under something else). I was not happy with that price, but knew I would need something to keep the rug from sliding all over the hardwood, especially with Cooper running around everywhere. 68eeff89-7978-4aae-adb0-202c00877223

As soon as I got home, I laid the rug pad out trying to help me eyeball how to place the rug. The pad stayed in place SO WELL that I had a hard time moving it around trying to determine placement. a29e6def-3c5f-42e3-a60e-490f1f6a44cb-2

After I had decided on a place, I went downstairs and started working on the rug. I gave it a good sweep, did some spot treatment, and then pulled up the fringe that had definitely seen better days–I think the fringe was the reason the previous owners got rid of it and knew I could make something out of it.


This rug is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. It definitely has some wear and tear to it. I think, however, it does add a sense of warmth to the room that was missing before. As we begin to look for new furniture, this rug will be replaced with something new, but as for now, you can’t beat FREE.


and….this rug has been Cooper approved for napping and sitting.49cfec70-534c-43d0-98be-29e2c934a762-2


2 thoughts on “An Old Rug gives a New Look

  1. Susie Wilcox says:

    Ashley, Not sure you will remember me, but I am married to David, your grandmother and dad’s cousin. I sent the pictures a couple of weeks ago for your grandmother. She told me about your blog. I have throughly enjoyed reading through all your posts. I follow quite a few blogs that deal with “home stuff” as well. As a retired teacher, and DIY’er around the house, we have quite a bit in common. Keep up the projects and then blogging about them! You have done a great job with your home.

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