Photos: Why you need to print them.

Growing up, my family owned a photography company and we had photos taken of EVERYTHING. Not only did we have photos taken of everything, we had prints made of all of those photos….all of them.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wow! I bet that is was a lot of photos to keep up with!”

You’re right. It was. My grandparents and parents had so many photos they were unsure what to do with them all. Even now, we have more photos than we know what to do with!

The photography business is one that has changed as technology has improved and pretty much everyone is a photographer now. I have my iPhone with me and can take a pretty good photo at the drop of a hat, so the need for photography companies has dwindled. But because of the increase in technology, more and more photos are being taken..but what are we doing with all these photos?

Are they merely in a photo album on your phone that you periodically import to your computer to free up space?

Do you upload them to Instagram and Facebook and then forget about them?

I fear this generation, who is definitely the MOST photographed generation to date, is going to end up 85 years old and not have a single photo to their name.

I get it, we take hundreds of photos and they are always accessible to us through our phone or computer, but does that replace the joy of holding photos in your hand? Definitely not!

My great-aunt just sent my grandmother a huge package of photos of my immediate family that she had found and it was SO FUN to sit with my grandma and look through the photos. Some where super old, a school photo of my grandma in about 3rd grade and some were more recent, like mine and Andrew’s wedding photos. This package had over 70 years of memories in it…in no order, no rhyme or reason, no organization.


She had written descriptions on the back of each photo-who it was, location, date. Some had lots of info, others just had a name or a date. My grandmother and I spent about 45 minutes looking at each one and just talking about time and how quickly it has passed.

Over the recent months, I had been trying to do better about getting photos printed and had done an okay job at it. But after last night, I spent about an hour today going through the photos I had and writing descriptions and dates on the back of each one. Currently, they are sitting in a box looking like a hot mess, but I have PRINTED PHOTOS to hold in my hand with information on them….IMG_0722.JPG

Inside this box are photos from mine and Andrew’s childhood, teenage years, college years, wedding, and honeymoon. I also have pictures of the home renovation projects we’ve done, Cooper just being adorable, and pictures from the things he and I have done together in the past 3 years of marriage. Did I print every photo I’ve taken in the last year? No, but I did print the ones I thought would be important later…a photo of us with my Grandma Katie on her 95th birthday, photos from my Master’s Degree Hooding Ceremony, last year’s Easter picture, etc. There is definitely no organization to these photos, and who knows when I will get around to it, but they are in a box that can be pulled down and looked through whenever I’m feeling like a trip down memory lane is worth my time.

Not every picture needs to be printed, but some definitely deserve to be.

Ok, so here’s where I help you get your photos printed, because let’s face it, photos are expensive! Shutterfly offers FREE 4×4 (perfect for Instagram photos) and 4×6 photos through their app.

Yes, the photos are FREE!


(Screen shot that I took today from the app)

The app can be linked to your Shutterfly account so all the photos that you have on it (or need to upload from your computer to it) can be reached through the app. It also can link to your Instagram and Facebook for easy photo selection. Find the photo, hit “create print,” chose the free size, and hit add to cart.

As you can see, I have 50 photos waiting to be ordered in my cart. They are all FREE, I just have to pay shipping, which on this order is $5.47.

So, do yourself and family a favor, download the app, and start printing those photos, because you don’t want to miss having photos like this one at your fingertips.




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