Dining Room Seat Update

I have a gorgeous dining room set that my parents had purchased when they first got married. When they downsized a few years back, it went into storage for me. When we moved onto Robin Lane it fit beautifully in our dining room and I had left it alone. But after a year, I decided it needed a little spice. 

I kind of did this project as a spur of the moment thing, usually most of my projects are done this way actually. I was shopping at Walmart for groceries and decided to waste some time and wander through the fabric section. I had no plans of starting this project but I found a print that I absolutely loved! It had everything I wanted. Darker to hide stains, a pattern that wasn’t too busy, a pop of color, and it wasn’t something that would be out of style anytime soon. It also was $3.27 a yard, which I thought was a great price. 

The current fabric on the seats was cream and had seen better days. Surprisingly there were no food stains, just yellowing from age. The set IS almost 30 years old, so it was time for a change. 

Super easy process!!

1. Iron the fabric to get any creases out. 

2. Unscrew the cushion from the seat. You may want to take off the old fabric, but my padding was in good shape, so I skipped that part and just left the old fabric there. 

3. Lay the seat on the fabric to get your sizing. 

4. Cut your fabric to the correct size. 

5. Using a staple gun, staple the fabric to the backside of the cushion . MAKE SURE YOUR FABRIC IS PLULLED TIGHT to ensure there is no bunching.

6. On the corners, spend a little extra time to make sure they lay correctly. 

7. Reattach the cushion to the chair. 

I had 6 chairs to recover and I used 4 yards of fabric with some leftover. I also used a medium size staple. The small was too small and didn’t go through the fabric and wood but the large staples were too big. 

Honestly this was so easy and I’m mad I didn’t do it sooner. I would say it took a total of 2.5 hours for all 6 chairs, and that includes prep and clean up. 

I already had the staples so this protect cost me a total of $13.08 plus tax. It has really updated the look of the set and the dining room as a whole. It looks modern without losing the classic beauty of the formal dining room. 


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