Ball Jar Chandelier 

So we have replaced all the light fixtures in the house but I kept the old dining room fixture hoping to repurpose it. I spray painted the ugly brass a nice bronze color and was pleased. But then the trouble started. Basically, I failed time and time again because I couldn’t find new globes to put on it. I had all but given up on it and shoved it into closet and forgotten about it.

While browsing on Pinterest, I found where someone had used glass stain to make Ball Jars different colors and glued them to an old chandelier. I knew I could totally handle that!

The first thing I had to do was break off the part of the fixture where the bulbs had originally been placed because the jars wouldn’t sit flat.

As you can see, I now had a flat surface to attach the jars to, but this also meant the light could never be used again since I had cut out the wiring. I was ok with this because I had deemed it unusable since I couldn’t find globes for it.

The post I had found had the jars glued to the light, but surprisingly the lids fit perfectly on the fixture and became tight when screwed on the jars! I was so happy!

So I spray painted the lids to match the fixture  and got my supplies ready for the jars.

The original post had used glass stainer to color the jars, but I’m too cheap for that, so I mixed Mod Podge and food coloring. Yep, two supplies I already had on hand. I dipped a spoon of Mod Podge onto a plate and put a few drops of food coloring and mixed together. I added coloring until I got the perfect shade.

Then I just painted the jars completely. It goes on pretty lightly, but darkens as it dries. I used pink, purple, orange, yellow, red and green.

Because the Mod Podge dries clear, they don’t look painted, but stained.

I waited a few minutes until the jars were dry (maybe 10 minutes) then I just screwed all the jars into place on the fixture.

I had planned to make this a sun catcher on the porch so I had purchased a heavy duty hook at Walmart for $1.47. My porch has wood plank ceilings, so this hook just screwed right in. I did use the drill to pre-drill a hole just to make it easier for me.

Then, I just hung my light from the hook!

I am super pleased with the outcome and love the pop of color it adds to the porch. I’m going to play with the chain length, but I’m afraid if it gets too low the wind will catch it and blow it against the brick.

This project took 1 hour, tops, and only cost me the price of the hook since I had all the other supplies at home already!

Are you doing any projects to get your porch spring and summer ready?


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