Quick Tile Re-Grout

In the midst of an unplanned guest bathroom renovation, I decided the re-grout the tile backsplash. The current grout was old, stained, and dried up. I planned to go darker with the grout to match the darker walls.

This was actually super easy and took less than an hour. I purchased a pre-mixed grout from Lowe’s. It cost me about $25 but the price was worth it for the sake of not having to mix the grout myself.



So basically, you just spread it into al the grout lines using a straight edge of some sort. I used a plastic paint edger because that is what I had handy at the time. Depending on how the current grout has held up, you may need to scrape the old out, but mine was pretty much non-existent, so I just filled in the gaps.

*Make sure you press in firmly and wipe away excess grout*



Honestly, it makes a giant mess and an even bigger mess when you go to wipe everything down once you are done. But don’t fret, just keep wiping until the tiles are clean.

Super easy process that produces a big bang for your buck.



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