Hardwood Flooring Overhaul-Part 1: Demo

I have been so busy the past 2 weeks with this flooring project that I haven’t had a free minute to sit down and commit to writing a post, but this morning with Andrew running sound at a wedding, I told myself I would at least start with Part 1 of this MASSIVE project.

It has been my dream to have hardwood flooring throughout the main living areas in our home. That was actually the first thing I looked for when we first looked at our house last February…I found a floor vent, pulled it out, and lifted the carpet to see if just maybe, there was hardwood floor under the nasty carpet (crazier things have happened). Sadly, no such luck and we were stuck with the gross carpet that was bunching in multiple places throughout the house. We knew the eventual goal was to rip out all the carpet and lay hardwood in just over 700 sq. feet of our main floor including the dining room, living room, hallway, master bedroom, stairs and entry way.

I finally was able to convince Andrew to start this project in the hopes it would be finished before our One Year Anniversary of moving to Robin Lane. We looked at several places including Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Lumber Liquidators as well as spoke to several installers before deciding on using Lowe’s and one of their installers. We had originally planned to do a true solid wood floor, but because our subfloor is pegboard, solid wood was not an option for us unless we laid a new layer of subfloor before starting the project. We decided against the extra cost and went for an engineered hardwood which is a layer of real wood on top of a core of plywood. It is locking much like laminate in the way it is installed, but the top layer is true wood as opposed to laminate that is a photo of wood.

2015-01-09 19.57.11

To save some money, like I’m always looking to do, I opted for us to complete the demolition of the current flooring and baseboards as well as moving the furniture. I knew this was going to be a big undertaking, but it was saving us about $1,000 so I also knew it would be worth it.

I started the demo on the steps because it didn’t require any furniture to be moved. I ripped up the carpet and padding and used a pair of slanted pliers to pull up the staples. Lucky for us, the previous installer had not removed the staples from the old carpeting before installing what was currently there, so I had the joy of removing double the staples. 2015-01-18 18.52.05After removing all the staples, I knew I needed to paint the trim around the stairs white to match our new trim since this specific trim could not be removed without ripping up the stairs (good plan, I know). I taped it off, sanded, primed and painted. It took 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of beautiful Valspar white paint. I also used a white caulking to fill in any gaps that had been caused by shifting throughout the years.

2015-01-19 15.48.322015-01-19 16.02.512015-01-19 21.03.43

After seeing the difference already, I was energized to get to the rest of the house. Andrew and I pulled up most of the trim together since we were not worried about saving it and then he called up some of his wonderful, fantastic, did I say WONDERFUL, buddies to help us with the rest. We shoved the furniture into any free place we could find and ripped up the carpet and padding and then followed closely removing the staples. With their help, we were able to finish that HUGE part of the project in one evening.

2015-01-23 20.38.55 2015-01-23 20.38.45 2015-01-23 20.13.24

 2015-01-23 20.39.46 2015-01-24 13.02.06

Oh I forgot to mention, our flooring delivery was pushed ahead FIVE days, so we had to move all the boxes of flooring (all 32 of them) before removing the carpet in the dining room and then move it back after the staples had been pulled up.

Our entry way had some tile that was probably really pretty when it was first installed. It was expensive Italian granite that had discolored over the years and was stained with paint and who knows what else. We had to break it apart, scape it all up, and get it out of the entry way before the installers were able to start. This was fun. Have pent up anger? Break some tiles!!

2015-01-26 19.50.06 2015-01-26 19.55.41 2015-01-26 20.00.59

2015-01-26 20.23.172015-01-26 21.01.37

With the tile and carpet gone, we were ready for Part 2: The Prep!



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