Winter Themed Dining Room Table

I have been decorating our dining room table based on the season since this past fall. It hadn’t donned on me to decorate it until fall came around and I had a TON of decorations. I did a fall themed table which included both Halloween and Thanksgiving add-ins. When Christmas came around, I did a Christmas table, but now that the Christmas is over, I needed a new theme. I decided to go with snow, since it is after all, still winter.

I spent forever looking for snowmen to use to decorate the table, but goodness, our area skipped straight from Christmas to Spring, with no winter decorations available anywhere. I finally hit up Michael’s, which had all their Christmas decorations at sale for 70% off.

I searched throughout the whole store for things that didn’t scream Christmas and left with a variety of things for a fraction of the price.

2014-12-31 16.17.40-1

2014-12-31 16.16.13I got the two trees for $3 a piece (originally $10 a piece), the two white birds for $1.50 each (originally $5 a piece) The bird-cage was my most expensive item at $6 (originally $20), two bags of the white pine cones $1.50 each (originally $5 a piece), and a box of a scented potpourri mix that included more pine cones and other silver items for $3.90 (originally $13). The snow man was purchased at Elder-Beerman’s also, 70% making him $6.66 instead of the original $22.

The candles and candle sticks were mine that I had purchased previously.

Overall, I saved $56.44 and couldn’t be more pleased. These are all items I can incorporate into our Christmas decorations next year, as well as enjoy until March or so.

How do you decorate your home after all the Christmas decorations come down?


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