It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


This Christmas I was more excited than normal because it was the first Christmas in our home! I couldn’t wait to get the decorations up and spend time finding the perfect location for everything. But then came time to decorate, and thats when the problems began.

Last year, we lived in an 800 sq. foot townhouse and for a month we had tripped over all my cute decorations. By the end of the season, I was so fed up, I couldn’t wait to put the decorations away and when I did, I filled up two VERY large totes of all the decorations. Andrew went on and on about all the decorations we had and how much space they took up.

Well this year, when we purchased our home on Robin Lane, our living space tripled but I did not think anything of it until we pulled out and put up our tree from last year (after moving all the living room furniture around for about 15 minutes) IMG_6177Obviously you see the problem. Could the tree be ANY smaller in our giant living room? We laughed so hard but then realized a new tree had to be purchased. So at 9:30 on Thanksgiving night, we headed to Walmart to purchase a new tree. Luckily all the “Gray Thursday” traffic was over and the “Black Friday” traffic hadn’t begun, so we were able to sneak in an out in a matter of minutes.

IMG_6187We purchased a 7.5ft. beauty and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome.

The other problem was those two really big storage containers from last year were REALLY small this year and I had enough decorations for about a room and a half, so we had to purchase a lot of decorations this year (I’m Hobby Lobby’s favorite customer this year).

This year was a dream come true when I was able to put up not just one, or two but THREE Christmas trees in different parts of our home. One in the living room upstairs, one in the recreation room downstairs, and one in the entry way. IMG_6246 IMG_6210 IMG_6193 IMG_0073 IMG_0072                            IMG_0070 IMG_0071IMG_0069 IMG_0068 IMG_0065 IMG_0062 IMG_0061 IMG_0059 IMG_0050 IMG_0049I’m sure I’m going to purchase all sorts of adorable things when the stores clear their shelves after Christmas and obviously need to purchase a few more storage containers!

Merry Christmas from Robin Lane! May you feel the true joy of Christmas this season.


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