Robin Egg Blue

 2014-11-09 17.24.25

Yesterday I took on a super easy project that I had been putting off for multiple reasons. Andrew and I have been fighting disagreeing about what color to paint our shutters because our brick color is such an odd color. Our brick is a super dark brown from far away, but up close has some red in it. I wanted to paint our shutters a darker cream, but Andrew has not been convinced that my vision is the best one yet. I digress…

I’ve hated our stark white front door since the day we moved in, but I wanted it to match or at least coordinate with our shutters, so since we haven’t decided on the shutters, it has stayed white. But yesterday, I had had enough and I decided to paint it.

We went to Lowe’s and purchased a lovely shade of blue for the front door. We used Valspar’s Duramx paint that also has a primer included. It’s a great paint type to use outdoors. We purchased a quart, which was PLENTY, but since that’s the smallest container that Lowe’s sells, that was our only choice. I also bought a special brush that is meant for corners, since our door has tons of details.

2014-11-09 19.42.02It took two coats and about 2 hours, and turned out great! It was the just the right amount of pop Robin Lane needed.

                           2014-11-08 15.04.54 2014-11-08 14.50.17

  2014-11-09 17.07.52 2014-11-09 14.12.31

Project Math:

Paint- $18.00

Brush- $10.00

Total- $28.00


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