DIY Plate Hangers

OK, so in a post a few months back, I talked about getting some wall art for the kitchen and found an awesome deal on some vintage prints on eBay (See that post here But I still felt like my wall needed something. Recently I had purchased a killer serving plate at Kohl’s for mega cheap. It was so pretty and matched my Fiestaware colors, a great size, and was PLASTIC but looked glass. We’ve been using it as a tray for taking food out to eat on the back porch and I had told Andrew many times that it would look great hanging on the wall underneath the shelves.

I searched and searched for a hanger to use that would allow us to take it off the wall and use with little-to-no hassle with no such luck. Everything was either too involved or too expensive so I had given up.

Today I was at Kohl’s purchasing curtains for the basement (one of my summer to-do’s) and saw that they were running a sale on summer-themed dinner items. I stopped by the section on my way out because I didn’t really need anything but thought I would look and they had dinner plates and salad plates in the same pattern as my serving dish ON SALE. The dinner plate ended up being $2.00 and the salad plate was $1.88….so obviously they had to be mine.

I brought them home and started brainstorming. I wanted to use them to hang as wall art, but how? Then my DIY mind started thinking and I started to search the internet. I came across a post that one of my favorite bloggers had written about using paper-clips to hang glass plates (see post here: and thought I could definitely do that since my plates were plastic.

While searching for some paper clips, I came across these plastic ties with  metal wire running through them and thought….BINGO! I used some hot glue to attach them to the plate, stuck some tiny nails in the wall, and TAH-DAH! I could not be more pleased.

2014-06-04 14.16.01 2014-06-04 14.07.46 2014-06-04 14.13.58 2014-06-04 14.17.09


2 thoughts on “DIY Plate Hangers

  1. Adorable! Don’t you just love being crafty? I cannot wait to get the rest of my boxes unpacked so I can start the process of making my curtains! I’m painting my kitchen today, fingers crossed!

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