Kitchen Shelves

So a project that I thought would be simple, quick, and painless turned out to be the exact opposite-putting up shelves on my kitchen walls.

When we looked at the house originally, I told Andrew that some shelves in the kitchen would be nice to kill some of the dead space on the huge empty walls, as well as create a place to display items rarely used in the kitchen as “art”. He agreed and after I got the kitchen painted, that became our next project.

We purchased pre-made shelves at Home Depot (just because they were cheap $3.95 for the shelf and $5 for each bracket). We planned on making our own to save some money, but after looking at the cost of the items we would need to create the shelves, it just made more sense to buy the prefabricated ones.

After using some plain old brown spray paint that matched our cabinets, the shelves were ready to be put on the wall and this is where our problems began. We could not, for the life of us, find a stud in those silly walls. We used all the tricks (knocking on the wall, looking beside the outlets, etc) but when we were SURE we had found one, we would drill straight into drywall. Since I was planning on filling these shelves with glass and ceramic items, we knew they had to be put in a stud. We didn’t want to go buy a stud finder, and neither of our dads had one, so we thought we were out of luck.

Finally, Andrew found a co-worker who was willing to loan us his for a few days and we were able to find the studs. Now comes the fun part, trying to get the 2 brackets for each shelf level with each other. This took some patience (which neither of us have) but we were able to get the shelves into place.

My handy husband got those shelves up in no time and I was pleased with how they filled the dead space so well! I couldn’t wait to get them filled up!

Something that still amazes me daily is how blessed Andrew and I were by the generosity of our friends and family at the wedding. We got everything we registered for, plus some! Something I am so excited that we registered for was my FiestaWare. We choose Sunflower (yellow) and Peacock (blue) as our colors with plans to add additional colors later down the road. I love the color combo of blue and yellow (even though I bleed Thundering Herd Green) and knew I wanted to be able to use some of my pieces to decorate my walls. I am OBSESSED with elephants! (Andrew and I make it a game when we go shopping to see who can spot the most.) I’ve spent the past 5-6 years collecting elephant pieces as I’ve seen them on sale (Tea Pot-Pier One $10.00) or they have been given to me as gifts. Those are just a few of my kitchen pieces and if you toured our entire home, you would find at least one elephant in each room. Something else I love is Tea Pots.

Also on display are the champagne flutes (which were used for Diet and regular Coke) that Andrew and I used at our wedding that are engraved with our names and anniversary. They are something that will rarely be used (if ever) but are a nice display piece.

The last piece of my plan was to screw in the mug hooks to the bottom of the shelves to hang my FiestaWare coffee mugs. I’m a MAJOR coffee and tea drinker, so those cups are too small for everyday use (I love my caffeine) but will be used for company (if I can ever get this house up to my standards to invite company over).

We still need to replace the old light fixture (but it works for now) and I’m still searching for some cheaper kitchen themed art work to hang on the back wall…a trip to Home Goods with my next paycheck is probably necessary. I’m on Spring Break from school this upcoming week and plan on painting our main living room/hallway/entry way, so wish me luck!


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