You are my sunshine (yellow) kitchen

Happy Monday!

This morning I woke up to this:

ImageThis storm was all that had been predicted. The sleet started last night around 7 creating a skating rink on pretty much all surfaces. The snow followed and came down all night…resulting in about 6.5 inches of snow.  I mentioned in an earlier post about the similarities of mine and Andrew’s moving experience with my parents’ experience 21 years ago. The weekend after they moved in, WV got 28 inches of snow (March 12-13 1993). While our 6.5 inches of snow last night barely compares to 28 inches, its the most snow we’ve seen in a while and is VERY rare considering its March.

While I enjoyed sleeping in and being lazy for a little bit this morning, after Andrew left for work, I decided to get my butt up and do something productive. I decided to paint the kitchen.

We have had the paint for the kitchen since we moved in, but just like my mom’s philosophy, “the first stroke is the hardest.” I’d been wanting to paint, but just didn’t feel like dragging all the supplies out, painting, and putting all the supplies back away. Well today…I did it! The kitchen is a nice shade a buttercream yellow…which is a far cry from the NEON sunshine yellow it was before.


What’s funny about the kitchen is that it was painted in TWO DIFFERENT shades of yellow- neon, like I mentioned, and a paler yellow (almost cream). The yellow that we picked out was SO close in color to the existing creamy yellow (ours was a little more yellow, less cream) but different enough that it had to be painted.

ImageI like to paint…but only when I can tell a MAJOR difference and can step back and say “WOW! This looks so much better!” Sadly, this job did not have that effect….making it a hard one to complete. The old paint and new paint were so close in shade that I had a hard time telling where I had and had not painted already. It was a rough process.


By the time I got the second coat on, however, I could tell the difference. The yellow we had chosen made the room more cheery, but not TOO cheery like the NEON paint had. Overall, it was a pretty simple project that I’m glad I made myself do. I’m pleased with the results.

The last thing that will need done is for my shelves to be built, stained, and hung up so I can display my colorful Fiestaware. We have so much of it and I love the colors that I want to use it as artwork. Stay tuned for that project.



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