Paint. Paint. and more Paint.


If you haven’t been in the paint section at your local hardware store, you are missing out on one the most confusing and overwhelming experiences of your life. When Andrew and I went to Lowe’s to pick out our paint, we were so nervous about picking a color that looked great in the store but that we ended up hating on the walls. I had found a great deal on Valspar paint that Lowe’s was running that gave us a $5 rebate on gallon buckets and $20 rebate on 5 gallon buckets. We ended up buying 3 single gallon buckets (2 for the master bedroom and 1 for the kitchen) and a 5 gallon bucket for the dining room, living room, and entry way/hallway) to start off with.

The hardest color for us to choose was the neutral color we wanted for the dining room, living room, entry way/hallway. I wanted what we called in my parents house, Toasted Marshmallow. It was the perfect shade of brown that was dark enough to not be cream but not too dark to make the room seem small. It took a long time, but we found the perfect color called Cafe.

We also chose a light blue called Wave for the master bedroom and a nice buttercream yellow for the kitchen.

We wanted to get the dining room and master painted before we moved in because one, the furniture in those rooms is too heavy to move and two, we didn’t want to have to smell the paint in the bedroom when we were trying to sleep.

With some help from our families and some friends, we got both rooms knocked out in 2 days!


-Before photo of the dining room. Don’t you love the bamboo decals?

2015-02-01 16.40.19





-Before photo of the master bedroom (We had to deal with some sort of textured walls)

2015-02-01 16.44.34
-After photo of the master bedroom with the furniture given to us by my wonderful grandparents.


There are still little things that need to be finished in those rooms, however they are livable for now!




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