Valentine’s Weekend



Happy Late Valentine’s Day!

This year, while it was the first Valentine’s Day being married, was a little different than how we are used to celebrating. I’m not sure when I got so old and tired (maybe when I got my big girl teaching job) but no matter how many times or places Andrew offered to take me, I just was too tired to wait to eat out on such a busy restaurant day that just happened to fall on another busy restaurant time, Friday.

The day started like any normal Friday at school, except that we had had a snow day the day before and I was decked out in red and pink and had spent approximately 30 minutes decorating my board in pink and red hearts to go along with the day’s theme. I got my homeroom a bag of goodies, complete with a pencil and eraser (I took this opportunity to get them their own so they would stop asking me for pencils and erasers everyday). The day went pretty smoothly as the kids completed their Valentine’s Day themed math activity and I got grades completed-it was finally midterm: almost 2 weeks late.

After school, the Boosters hosted a Valentine’s Dance for the kids and since Andrew doesn’t get off work until 5, I always offer to chaperone and love getting to see how truly dorky my kids are. (**Disclaimer- I can call them dorky because I was exactly like them when I was in middle school and looking back, I know I was so very dorky). The dances are always hilarious and the kids always try and get me to dance. This past dance, after MUCH persuasion, the girls got me on the floor to teach me the “Wobble”, which I got the hang of right when the song ended. But the song I always dance to with the kids is the Cha-Cha Slide. I love being able to show them how its done! One of the perks of being a young teacher is that the kids want to hang out with you and talk to you about the things, and I really love being able to be a person they feel they can talk to.

Andrew finally got home that evening and we ordered Papa John’s Pizza…yes, pizza. We ate our pizza on the couch while watching the Olympics and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better evening. My gift this year is tickets to see Hunter Hayes when he comes to town in March and Andrew got the ever creative (and my go-to plan) iTunes gift card and candy.

On Saturday, Andrew and I spent an hour moving money around at the banks between our accounts getting all our money together for the closing (WE CLOSE ON TUESDAY!!!!) and wrapping and packing my kitchen up. We close early in the week, but aren’t able to move all the stuff until Saturday, so cooking will be an adventure this week. 

We have our final walk through of the house tomorrow and I can’t wait to post pictures of the beautiful decor currently gracing our home.



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