Why Now?

I’ve been toying around with the idea of starting a blog but thought to myself “why would anyone want to read anything I have to say?” I considered blogging on the happenings inside my 7th grade classroom, but honestly, I doubt I’m creative enough to make a whole blog for that.Instead, some major changes have been happening with me. I graduated from college, got a job, planned a wedding, and got married, but most recently, Andrew and I purchased a house. This was a huge step of faith and commitment, but we are beyond excited to start working towards something that is ours (instead of paying rent to our landlord).

        The house on ROBIN LANE (get it now?) is timeless but needs a little TLC. Ok, who am I kidding? It needs a ton of TLC and I decided that this reason was good enough to start a blog…if for no reason other than to watch and show off our hard work for myself.

         While I can’t promise I will post often or that my posts will be something anyone wants to read, I really want to document the transformations we make on what will be our forever home.


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