The Art of Packing

As a math teacher, moving in the middle of the school year just wasn’t ideal and was not something we had planned. Our lease would be over in July and we had planned to start looking for houses in January in hopes of finding one we loved in time to move over the summer.

Somehow, our plan didn’t work as we had thought (plans rarely do) and we ended up falling in love with the very first house we went and looked at. Thinking back on it and talking with my parents made me realize how easy the process of finding the house was, with the ability to use the internet. My parents told us how they looked at hundreds of houses before finding the house they would later buy, while Andrew and I only physically looked at two. We used the internet to search and were able to take homes off our list based on what we saw in the pictures. There is nothing better than home shopping while drinking coffee and lounging in your pajamas.

But, I digress….. moving during the school year seemed insane and completely impossible. I leave for school before 7 and usually don’t leave my classroom in the evening until about 4, run a few errands, come home to cook dinner, and when Andrew gets home around 5:30-6:30 (the window varies) we like to spend the few hours we have together in the evenings watching CSI, or most recently the Sochi Winter Olympics. With all of the normal activities to do, when I thought of finding time to pack our things, I panicked.

Luckily our townhouse is so small that most of our belongings are still packed away from when we got them for the wedding, but there’s still the idea of trying to pack everything else up. When we found out we got the house, I made a plan….and I’m really good at making plans. I would pack a few boxes a night and so far that has really worked. But now that we are less than a week away from closing, I’m starting to feel the pressure.

Today I will use our unexpected snow day (they said there was only a 30% chance of snow with little to no accumulation) to really kick our packing into gear.

Today’s goal? Pack the spare bedroom/office and the rest of my decorative items I have sitting around the house.  To successfully pack, I’ve created a list of must haves:
1. Sturdy boxes (and plenty of them): I saved ours from the wedding and went to Walmart and other grocery stores asking for their shipping boxes.
2. Packing tape (and plenty of it): I splurged and bought the “easy-see end” tape because I was getting really frustrated with searching frantically for the end of the roll each time I had tape something.
3. A permanent marker for labeling.
4. Bubble wrap for breakables.
5. Newspaper for breakables.
6. Good music (I prefer country).
7. A room to start and finish in (or a type of item: decorative, cleaning supplies, linens, etc)
Have you ever moved? Got any good tips for an OCD person like me who can’t stand the utter chaos packing has left our house in?

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